TASTE THIS TUCSON: Taqueria Porfis is a game changer

TUCSON, Ariz. (KOLD News 13) - Just when you think you know it all, you get introduced to something new.

For me, it was a “new” restaurant that’s been around for nearly two decades.

Taqueria Porfis is on Tucson’s south side, located at 3553 South 12th Avenue. To get there, you can use the map below.

This place is a real game changer.

The business started in Nogales 40 years and someone decided to bring it to Tucson,

The menu is simple but has items with rich flavors.

“I would like to think we’re very different from other restaurants,” said Taqueria Porfis manager Luis Gutierrez. “We don’t have carne asada, llengua, tripa and all that stuff. We stick to one thing and we perfected it.”

The signature dish is a combination plate with a chimi, taco al vapor (steamed tacos) and taco dorado (rolled taco).

For me, the best was the taco al vapo. It was so unique that you can’t really find in Tucson.

The chimi didn’t have a heavy crunch or taste, it really was the perfect bite. It has a coated crunch on the outside with a soft center.

The taco al vapor is the most popular item.

The rolled taco tasted like what my mom used to make.

Other favorites include tacos de cabeza (beef cheek tacos) and chicharrón (pork rinds).

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Yasmine Lopez

Yasmine Lopez

Yasmine Lopez joined the KOLD team in 2014 as an editor. Since then, she added to her duties as a digital reporter, content creator and host of Taste This Tucson, a segment that promotes the amazing food around the Old Pueblo.