You gotta try Independent Distillery’s Boozy Popsicles

These frozen boozy treats are now part of their "secret" menu

Like Otter Pops, but better. Why? They have booze!

That’s right The Independent Distillery  has now gotten into the boozy popsicle game and we couldn’t be happier. They decided to take some of their most popular drinks and make them into a frozen treat with a kick!

They made for us all three of them recently:

  • The Monsoon:  The Monsoon contains their own Independent Distillery Vodka, fresh blueberries, mint, house-made lemongrass vanilla bitters, and  topped with soda water.
  • Strawberry Bourbon Bramble:This Popsicle is made with Fresh Strawberries, Bourbon, lemon juice, pineapple juice and just a dash of sugar.
  • Lime Gin and Tonic: Made with their flagship 10 Botanical Gin. (a.k.a. “The Blue Label”) and a healthy amount of lime!

You won’t know it by looking at the menu, but these goodies are now available. That’s because the Boozy Indy Pops aren’t on the menu. They’re a secret… so let’s just keep it between us;). 

You can try all three popsicles for only $5 HERE.

For more info on the Independent Distillery, go to:

Monsoon Smash Recipe From The Independent Distillery