You can explore this cavern under Louisville on a zip line

Molly McKinney explores the many outdoor adventures to be had underground in Louisville, KY.

Louisville, Kentucky may be known for a lot of things, like its bourbon and horses. But did you know about the Mega Cavern Zip Line? There’s a large cave beneath the ground that can be explored on a zip line!

Up until 1976, the cave was an active limestone mine. After it became inactive, it quickly turned into a hub for tourism. The cave is a novel facility: it’s the only tourist attraction in the world that has tons of activities beneath the ground.

The zip line is the main attraction of the cave. It’s a 2-hour endeavor in the dark, which is already an activity like no other. If you’re scared to ride for that long, don’t worry. The park has what they call a “bunny line,” which is a quick zip line for getting ready for the big one.

Since the line is in a cave is that you can see a lot of the geological artifacts as you zip. There are tour guides throughout the trip who explain rock types and formations to help educate.

In addition to the zipline, there is also an underground BMX park where bikers can showcase their skills. And a historic driving tour throughout the cave. There’s a ropes course with a total of 76 elements on the course, and a lighted bike tour of the cave. The opportunities available are all wonderful.

The Mega Cavern Zip Line should most definitely be a larger tourist destination for the city of Louisville. Check it out for yourself!