Yep, Beef Jerky Flower Bouquet’s exist and they’re pretty awesome

With Valentine’s Day quickly approaching you may be asking yourself how to deliver the perfect gift.  A Beef Jerky Flower Bouquet seems like the obvious choice.  I mean, who isn’t head over heels for beef jerky?  Plus, it won’t wilt away like your typical bouquet and if you ask us… it’s great for him or her.

Beef Jerky Flower Bouquet

The Manly Man Company describes them as “100% edible and truly are made for that rugged one of a kind, hammer swinging, IPA drinking, duck hunting, beast of a man-animal you call yours. Each broquet comes fit for a Manly Man, in a Manly Man pint glass.”  Yes, they even refer to it as a broquet.  We officially can’t even.

Also, you can eat the entire flower.  Yes, please!  They go on to say, “The broquet is pre-arranged, sealed and packaged fresh in a stylish printed box.  Our custom package design allows the bouquet to come fully assembled and easily slides out making it the ultimate gift experience. **Flower is made with 100% beef. Stem sections are made from a mouthwatering blend of beef, pork and spices.”

So if you’re looking for that special something, why not give the ultimate gift.  Because who doesn’t love beef jerky?  One arrangement will set you back $49 plus shipping and handling.