World-Renowned Guitarist Jesse Cook performs at the Fox Theatre

Juno winning master guitarist Jesse Cook is known for his intoxicating fusion of world music and has traveled the globe looking for sounds that resonate with him. “I like finding common ground for different music traditions – a space where music from around the world can come together.” He’ll perform at the Fox Theatre November 8th at 7:30.

Jesse Cook is widely considered one of the most influential figures in “nuevo flamenco” music. He incorporates elements of flamenco rumba, jazz and many forms of world music into his work. In addition to being a Juno Award winner, Jesse garnered Acoustic Guitar Magazine’s Player’s Choice Award in the flamenco category and is a three-time winner of the Canadian Smooth Jazz Award for Guitarist of the Year. He has recorded on the EMI, E1 Music and Narada labels and has sold over 1.5 million records worldwide.

Cook started guitar lessons at a young age. “My teacher played flamenco, so that’s what I learned. Then, I’d visit my dad in France and he lived next door to Nicolas Reyes, the singer of the Gipsy Kings. I saw “Gipsy” kids on the corner playing that way too. It was as if the world conspired to get me interested in this style and I was hooked.”

Jesse Cook: Beyond Borders,” is the latest concert special by the acoustic guitar virtuoso and premiered on PBS this past March. It  was filmed over the 31 days of his coast-to-coast tour of Canada. Instead of filming just one show in one night, the cameras rolled every night, allowing Jesse to place the best version of each song into this unique concert experience. The result is an immersive musical journey that treats the audience to a sense of being on stage with the band from the opening note to its energetic finale — a Jesse Cook “Rhumba Party.”


Cook also helps foster this spirit of cultural exploration visually through his photography on Instagram as well his popular weekly video releases on his YouTube channel and through Facebook.  Get tickets to his show at the Fox Theatre November 8th at 7:30pm HERE.