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This Tucson resort lets you stargaze from the comfort of a bed


Tucson and the night sky are nearly synonymous. Thanks to the area’s lack of light pollution, both professional and amateur astronomers have flocked to the desert for decades.

Now, imagine if you could view the Milky Way from the comfort of a warm bed!

Tucson’s newest resort Under Canvas is composed of large, luxury tents, some of which have a glass ceiling above the bed for late-night stargazing. 

Located minutes away from Saguaro National Park, these tents come with everything from WiFi to hot tubs to your own private bathroom. Due to its proximity to Tanque Verde Ranch, guests are welcome to use the ranch’s facilities as well.

While the Tucson location is only open from December 18-April 21, Under Canvas has tent resorts at nature hotspots all over the U.S.!

Also, if you’re looking to shield your wedding ceremony from the summer sun, Under Canvas can deliver their giant tents to any location.

For more information or to book a tent, click here.




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