Tucson Mariachi Conference – Fiesta Garibaldi

Tucson High's Mariachi group prepares for the conference

We visited Tucson High’s Mariachi Rayos Del Sol as they prepared for the Student Showcase at the Tucson International Mariachi Conference. It’s a Thursday night competition of 28 school age programs. One group will be selected to play at the Espectacular Concert Friday night! For complete info, click here.

Saturday, from 11AM to 11PM is the Fiesta Garibaldi, 12 hours of music, dancing, food, and drinks! It all happens at the Casino Del Sol AVA Amphitheater.

Este Es Mi Mariachi Cobre

Tucson is the birthplace of the mariachi youth movement, and is host to the premier conference in the nation. Most school systems in Southern Arizona have a mariachi program designed to teach not only the music, but the culture as well.

This is the 37th year for the conference. Their mission is to promote awareness and foster traditional values of Mariachi music and Baile Folklórico,  through educational activities that increase knowledge, artistic and technical experience, cultural identity, and pride in our youth and community.

This year’s featured groups:

Mariachi & Ballet Folklorico Society

Mariachi & Ballet Folklorico Society is the first and only community membership organization dedicated to the promotion, performance, and study of Mariachi and Ballet Folklorico in Arizona.

At it’s heart, the MBFS is committed to education and cultural integration and endeavors to bring to the American music and dance scene the vitality and history that faithfully represents Mexican-American culture.

The Society, created by Tucson International Mariachi Conference to expand the promotion of Mariachi and Ballet Folklorico visibility in the community.

Since 1982, Tucson International Mariachi Conference, a 501(c)3)  (TIMC), has been a leading force in supporting the development of Mariachi and Ballet Folkloric instruction in schools across the United States. Not only to increase pride and awareness of Mexican American culture but to promote a sense of Achievement, Success, Craftsmanship, Discipline, Pride, and encourage youth to Engage in Education.

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