Tombstone’s Helldorado Days is back this weekend for their 91st year!

Head on down to Tombstone for a weekend full of events!

Helldorado Days is celebrating its’ 91th year this weekend in the “Town Too Tough to Die.”  Held every third weekend in October, the event consists of gunfight re-enactment shows, street entertainment, fashion shows, a parade and a family oriented carnival.

The name for the event dates back to July 1881, when a disgruntled miner wrote to the Tombstone Nugget Newspaper. Stating that instead of finding their “El Dorado” of riches, many men ended up washing dishes or other menial jobs.  They instead found their “Helldorado.” The term stuck.

Helldorado is Tombstone’s oldest festival and was started by a committee of twelve people in 1929. The intent was to show that the old town of Tombstone, then 50 years old and inhabited by about 500 people still had some life left in it.  The early Helldorado celebrations that consisted of a pageant, mock hangings and reenactments of true events.  Historic events were recreated by those hearty residents of Tombstone, each taking on a different role and telling the story of Tombstone’s turbulent past.

Peter Sherayko will be at Lilly Tombstone Memories on Saturday and Sunday. He is a recognized historian, actor and author, who’s best known for his work on western movies like Tombstone and television programs like Gunny Time and Wild West Tech. He has also served as a consultant for programs such as The Truth about Jesse James for the Discover Channel, and Deadwood on HBO.
Make sure to enter for your chance to win a Henry Rifle. Tickets are available at Smoke Signals and Lilly’s Tombstone Memories both are located on Allen street in Tombstone. $5.00 each ticket or purchase 6 for $20.00

Here is a schedule of events:

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 Helldorado Days takes place October 16-18. For more information go to the Helldorado facebook page.