This Is How You Carve A Pumpkin Like A Pro

We're gonna make your jack-o-lantern the best on the block.

EDITOR’S NOTE: In October 2018, Colonel De Stewart passed away. We’re incredibly thankful for our time with him, and shooting this video in his Fort Thomas store was one of the highlights of our site. Thanks for the memories, Colonel. 

This time of year, your front porch isn’t complete without a big, toothy jack-o-lantern to light up the night. This year, skip the big mess and take yours to the next level.

We stopped by Colonel De’s Gourmet Herbs and Spices in Fort Thomas to learn from their resident pumpkin expert (and full-time chef) Doni Attebery. Watch and learn all the tips and tricks to making your pumpkin last longer, look better and set itself apart.

Learn more about Colonel De Gourmet Herbs and Spices.

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