The best places to see wildflowers near Tucson

2019 is a great wildflower season!

It’s Arizona’s time to brag – Wildflower Season! The time of year when the landscapes of brown and drab green turn into vivid carpets of bright yellow, purple, blue, red and orange! Of course, you can just drive through the desert and spot them here and there, here is your guide to find the best places to see wildflowers.



best places to see wildflowers
Greg McCown

The time for blooms generally depends on elevation – the valleys are warmer, and bloom earlier than the higher elevations and mountainsides.

According to Arizona State Parks and Trails “Desert blooms typically appear in this order: bladderpods, Mexican poppies, chuparosa, globemallow, brittlebush, and then other various cacti species. Some park trails are already lined with little bladderpod blooms and Mexican poppies, creating yellow carpets across the landscapes and mountainsides.”



All of these venues charge a fee, but they’re a safe bet you’ll find the floral landscape you’re looking for.

best places to see wildflowers
Picacho Peak poppies – Greg McCown

Arizona’s State parks provide Beautiful mountains and valleys to create amazing framework for our desert blooms. Catalina State Park, Picacho Peak State Park and Oracle State Parks are just a short drive away. Start your journey by visiting our guide to the AZ State Parks and Trails. Look but don’t pick!! You’re not allowed to pick the flowers in state parks.

Saguaro National Park

Saguaro National Park says the best time for wildflowers is late March to early April. The park is full of birds and bugs taking advantage of this amazing desert ecosystem.



Arizona – Sonora Desert Museum

These spots aren’t as wild, but they’re very colorful, they offer accessible paths, and they have food and drinks nearby!