Taste This, Tucson: Takeout on Swan and Sunrise

Help support local restaurants so they can stay open for years to come!

While dine-in is still currently suspended in southern Arizona, we drove to the intersection of Swan and Sunrise for some local eats and treats to go.
Our first stop was Mona’s Danish Bakery, the one and only Danish bakery in Tucson. From pastries to baked bread, to coffee and breakfast, this local gem will be sure to satisfy all your sweet cravings. We ordered just about everything from the bakery because how could we choose? The Cinnamon Krispy just about blew our minds with its size, crunch, and cinnamony sweetness.
Cinnamon Krispy
Next, we hopped over to Fini’s Landing — a restaurant with a fusion of seafood, Caribbean and south-of-the-border flavor. You can’t eat here without ordering a fish taco. That’s because Fini’s really knows how to make them to perfection. Fini’s La Paz Taco is a crunchy, flakey, buttery piece of cod wrapped in a soft corn tortilla. The Chubasco Burger is perfect for anyone looking for a spicy crunch on a savory classic. This burger is topped with smoked applewood bacon, fried jalapenos, and Chubasco aioli all between a delicious spongey bun. Fini’s also has a great selection of specialty drinks that make for a refreshing escape in this summer heat.
La Paz Taco
Chubasco Burger
Next, we stopped by El Cisne Cocina de Mexico. El Cisne sure knows how to make a cheese crisp! We tried the Shrimp Scampi Cheese Crisp, which is made with shrimp, garlic pico and chardonnay. The crisp has a flakey, crunchy texture and is topped with savory melted cheese and buttery shrimp. This cheese crisp is truly unlike any other.
“We do have quite a bit of tequila specials that we can serve through our bar,” said George Ferranti, Operator of El Cisne. “We have specials for four people, specials for six people.”
El Cisne has taco, tamale and enchilada combinations for lower prices to feed the whole family!
Shrimp Scampi Cheese Crisp
To end our culinary journey, we made one last stop at Sundaze Frozen Yogurt. Summer is practically here and with temperatures in the triple digits, we had to cool off with a soft serve treat. Sundaze has a selection of frozen yogurt flavors to choose from and a wide variety of toppings. Whether you’re in the mood for a small treat or wanting to take some home for later, Sundaze is sure to keep you satisfied all summer. Sometimes, you just can’t beat the classics!
Vanilla froyo with Butterfinger topping
Chocolate froyo with cookie dough topping
If you can, make sure to support local restaurants at this time. They’ll appreciate your business and be able to stay open for years to come.