Taste This, Tucson: Oh so delizioso!

*Disclaimer* The filming and visitation of Bellissimo at the Casino Del Sol by Taste This, Tucson was conducted prior to mandatory shutdowns of restaurants in 2020.

The Casino Del Sol recently debuted their newest restaurant — Bellissimo, featuring a unique take on Italian cuisine here in the Old Pueblo.
What sets Italian ristorante apart from others is the use of locally sourced ingredients to create made from scratch dishes.
We sat down with Casino Del Sol’s Executive Chef, Ryan Clark, who guided our taste buds on a tour through the unforgettable flavor of the Italian palate.
First, we were introduced to Bellissimo’s most popular dish, the Spaghetti and Meatball. The meatball itself is made using a combination of meats including chuck and brisket, making for a deliciously tender collaboration of flavors. You can never go wrong with this classic.
Spaghetti and Meatball served at Bellissimo
Bellissimo creates their pasta noodles from scratch. Executive Chef Clark showed us all it takes is fresh ingredients to make pasta perfect.
Next, we tried a seasonal entree — Black Pepper Fettuccine. This dish combines egg noodles and chicken sausage with vegetables grown around southern Arizona. Talk about getting a taste of the southwest! Turnip, carrots and beets straight from the Old Pueblo make for a unique spin on this Italian flavor.
Black Pepper Fettuccine served at Bellissimo

Last, but not least, we dove our spoons into the Dessert Trio. If you can never make up your mind on what dessert to order, or if you want to try them all, then we recommend Bellissimo’s Dessert Trio. This heavenly trio combines tiramisu, panna cotta and polenta cake with pistachio gelato. We agree this dessert was certainly a way to conclude our experience at Bellissimo.

Dessert Trio served at Bellissimo
From local ingredients to international flavor, Bellissimo offers more than just a tasty meal.
For more information on Bellissimo click HERE.