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T. Rex in Tucson: GeoDecor opens doors to public for the gem show

Normally only available for private viewings , GeoDecor has opened up their spectacular dinasaur collection to the public every day through February 16th. Fully-mounted dinosaurs – including a T. rex and a Stegosaurus which is thought to be a newly discovered species; a Triceratops skull and a dinosaur specimen with actual preserved skin – will amaze visitors at GeoDecor’s spectacular 4,000-square-foot gallery during the gem show.

Over 35 feet long, the magnificent Tyrannosaurus rex knick-named Roosevelt is estimated to have lived between 72 and 65 million years ago. The specimen’s bone quality, displaying a rich, dark brown patina from the iron-rich earth from which it was excavated, is superb.

Accompanying the T. rex are several other awe-inspiring dinosaur offerings, including an adult Stegosaurus skeleton from Wyoming, thought to be a new species; a dinosaur tail from Montana which, amazingly, exhibits actual preserved skin; a 9-foot-long, exceptionally intact fully mounted Thescelosaurus; and a dramatic wall-mounted adult Triceratops skull.

Other world-class fossils among GeoDecor’s huge display – all authentic museum-quality specimens – include two fully mounted woolly mammoth skeletons; a giant Irish Elk skull with massive antlers; a stunning selection of limestone murals with dramatic palm fronds and fishes (framed and cleated for wall display); a 5-foot-long fossil turtle; and a spectacular 52-million-year-old fossil crocodile.

GeoDecor’s display also includes numerous room-size and cabinet-size mineral specimens and novel natural history items. GeoDecor is open to the public only during the gem show.

Free public viewing of GeoDecor’s fossil treasures will be presented at GeoDecor’s 4,000-square-foot gallery at the Mineral and Fossil Co-op, 1635 North Oracle Road, from now through Sunday, February 16. Open daily 9am – 7pm.

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