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Throw paint on the walls in Tucson’s newest Splatter Room!

Check out The Breaking Point's newest attraction, The Splatter Room!

Nobody is going to yell at you for coloring on these walls. It’s a chance to let out your inner toddler and with NO time out.

The Breaking Point opened up their newest and most colorful attraction this week- The Splatter Room.

Among their Rage Room, Escape Room and Axe Room, this stays with the theme of letting loose! There’s no limit. For 25 minutes you can splatter paint on each other, on the walls and on your own canvas that you get to take home.

The Breaking Point in Tucson opens up a new Splatter Room attraction.

Each person gets their own paint canvas and one pint of each color. You can dress for the ultimate paint fight or wear one of their coveralls over your clothes.

If you want to go color crazy this weekend, you can book your spot online HERE!