Shidara brings their once in a lifetime show to the Fox Theatre

Shidara was founded in 1989 by artistic director, Chabo. They’ll make their way to the Fox Theatre, May 12 at 3pm.

With deep roots in their remote Japanese village, Shidara performance carries a purity and devotion to the forest, and a festival harmony between the human and spirit worlds. Members practice and train eleven hours a day. They exceed mental and physical limitations as a way of life, creating an explosive dynamism onstage.

Shidara hopes to bring people together, joining hands in reciprocal support while walking the essential path of mutual encouragement. Shidara’s exciting musical performances have created a huge stir in the North American Taiko communities and received standing ovations at the U.S. debuts, ensuing the popular demand which inspired their now extremely successful North American Tour.

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