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Sentinel Peak Brewing Company

We learn about how Jeremy Hilderbrand's quest to find Dunkel in the US, led to him brewing beer.

This Brew pub featuring their delicious beers and BBQ was started by 3 firefighters.  Head brewer Jeremy Hilderbrand, decided to brew beer after being  inspired by a warren of basement bars in Wurzburg, Germany, where he was stationed. He became obsessed with finding Dunkel,when he was back in the U.S. When he couldn’t find it, he brewed it  and the result is the “Dewpoint Dunkel,” which won a gold medal from the 2012 Music City Brew Off in Nashville, Tennessee. Hints of roasted chocolate satisfy dark beer lovers and win over those who prefer lighter styles. Try it once and you may be lured to the dark side for good.

Their most popular beer is the “Salida del Sol Amber,” which is a Mexican-style Vienna. In the mid 19th century, German brewers immigrating to Mexico brought along with them their time-honored recipes and techniques. By incorporating local ingredients, the traditional European flavors were transformed into something entirely new and wonderful. Salida del Sol follows in this grand tradition of smooth, spicy beers.

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