Rent-A-Dog!: New program let’s you check out shelter dog

Being a dog in the shelter can be scary and stressful, especially for the long-term residents. Luckily, with the Pima Animal Care Center’s new Day Trip and Pawjama Party program, Tucson residents can take specific dogs out for the day or even overnight!

To get started, walk into the shelter’s main lobby and look for the “Day Trips” binder located on the counter. Once you have flipped through the binder and selected the dog you would like to spend the day/night with, let a volunteer know and they will retrieve the dog while you sign two temporary foster agreements.

On my first visit, I decided to take a two-year-old pitbull named Weldon out for the day (10am-3pm). We went for a short hike, stopped by Starbucks for a “puppachino”(cup of whipped cream), and played on the University of Arizona mall. Don’t feel pressure to be constantly entertaining the dog though, some of the pups just like to snuggle up at home.

If you’re able to open up your home to the dog, they can also spend the night in a quiet and relaxing environment.

The program is the perfect way to get your dog cravings satisfied you’re unable to care for one full-time or if you want to get around your apartment’s pet fees.

For more information, visit the shelter at 4000 N. Silverbell Rd. or call (520) 724-5900.