In Partnership with the Southern Weekend

Photos from across southern Arizona

These are some amazing photos submitted by several local photographers.

Some may be sneeze inducing, but others will have you saying – wow!

Spring color (Source: Bill Morrow)
Desert in bloom (Source: Bill Morrow)
Moon setting over Gates Pass. (Source: Bill Morrow)
Gates Pass by moonlight (Source: Bill Morrow)
Lights of Tucson (Source: Bill Morrow)
Desert ‘springs’ to life. (Source: Bill Morrow)
Spring blooms. (Source: Bill Morrow)
Spring blooms (Source: Bill Morrow)
Oleander (Source: Bill Morrow)
Views of Tucson (Source: Bill Morrow)
Views of Tucson (Source: Bill Morrow)
Views of Tucson (Source: Bill Morrow)
Desert sunset (Source: David Grinney)
Took this photo of the sunset last night, April 26, from Fred’s Arena Steakhouse near Three Points. I’ve had problems taking good sunrise/set photos because of either too many or too few clouds. In addition, with the low humidity getting good color is also a problem, but last night worked. (Source: Bob Pillsbury)
Palo Verde in bloom (Source: Greg McCown)
Wildflowers (Source: David Grinney)
A picture I took of the century plant in bloom on my back yard. I estimate it is about 35 feet tall. (Source: Alice Holland)