Nightfall at Old Tucson is back for its’ 29th year!


Since 1990, Nightfall has been serving up scares to the Tucson community. It’s a frightful feast for all your senses. Comedy, drama, music, and more beckon with the promise of a frightfully good time. Bury yourself in a totally terrifying town with outrageous live shows, disturbing haunts, other screamingly fun attractions, and a collection of hideous live characters. There are events and activities for people of all ages and fright levels. Guests who are queasy about scary things can purchase “Scare Me Not” wands to ward off evil intruders.

Nightfall 2019

It's almost that time! Here's a preview of what's to come for Nightfall 2019. Scare y'all soon…8 more days!

Nightfall at Old Tucson 发布于 2019年9月19日周四

The first annual Nightfall at Old Tucson was set in the 1800s to match the Old Tucson’s authentic old west aesthetic. For the first several years, Nightfall was themed as the home of the infamous Dr. Jebediah Hyde and his gang of maniac associates. Dr. Hyde ran the Goulliard Asylum for the Perpetually Insane, where his heinous experiments terrorized the town.  However, with the demise of Dr. Hyde and his asylum, Nightfall moved towards becoming the ultimate Halloween experience that it is today.

Now a renowned Halloween attraction, The New York Times listed Nightfall one of the top ten must-travel-to haunts in the country! Nightfall continues to bring unpredictable and fresh Halloween terror to its guests each year, for the past 29 years and counting!

Check out this year’s Haunts, Live Shows, and Attractions:


  • Happy Clown Snack Factory – Kids of all ages have enjoyed Happy Clown brand meat snacks for almost 50 years now! Come see how these delicious treats are made and discover why they still say, “They’re delicious ’cause they’re made with fun!”
  • Killbilly Basin – Purged of its riches, this ol’ mining camp sat abandoned for decades… until this family moved in.
  • Nightmare Infirmary – Check in at the information window and you will be directed from there depending on your prognosis; perhaps to the waiting room, psyche ward or straight to surgery. Of course, they may deem it necessary to take you directly to the morgue and crematorium.
  • Iron Door Mine – Venture on a perilous journey and descend, if you dare, into a subterranean network of tunnels rumored to be haunted by the souls of cursed miners.

Live Shows

  • The Neighbors – Welcome  to the  beautiful Palms Royale RV Park, where your new neighbors can’t wait to lend you a cup of sugar or…
  • Deal of Fortune – Watch this exciting musical mystery unfolds live on stage. The tarot cards, chosen live by audience members, determine which path the show will take. You’ll never see the same show twice.
  • The Anti-Hero Virus – This comedic case study on the relevancy of superheroes is matched only in hilarity by the crazy antics of the villain Malware and his “landlord.”
  • Opening Ceremony -Join the resident gargoyles, Vinny and Guido, in the center of Terror Square where they kick off the night’s festivities with an official opening ceremony.


  • Zombie Shoot– Defeat the zombies at the Zombie Shooting Gallery.
  • Strange Family Circus – Behold the wonder and mystery of early 20th century sideshows, updated for a cynical, multicultural world. Glass chewing, sword swallowing and more! (Appearing Fridays thru Sundays only)
  • Thrill Quest Attractions – Virtual reality motion experiences that put you in the action.
  •  Haunted Wagon Ride -Hop on the hay wagon for a trip through the hinterlands of Nightfall.
  • Twisted Train Tales – This haunted train is full of thrills and chills as you explore the terrifying phobias, terrible true stories and urban legends that will surely haunt you in your dreams.
  • Outlaw Zipline Zombie Hunt – Grab your guns and help fight the Zombie Apocalypse on the Outlaw Zipline at Nightfall. Take your best shot from the air on this one-of-a-kind thrill ride.
  • Face Painting – Color your world with Meg’s Mugs, our resident professional face painter
  • Psychics & Tarot Card Readings – Do you dare look into the crystal balls down Nightfall’s Psychic Ally? Learn what your future holds from their array of dead-on psychics and Tarot card readers.
  • *These events have an additional fee.

Regular prices at the gate are $29.50 and $22 for children (ages 9-11), plus tax, with FREE admission for children 8 years and under.

You can get discounts these ways:

  • Purchase tickets at Costco or for $22.99 each (must be a Costco member)
  • Get $3 discounts (limit 4) with coupons from Goodwill,or Bashas/Food City Valid on Thursday or Sunday nights.
  • Get a group of 10-49 friends together and purchase online at for $24 per ticket

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