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The New Take on the Old Fashioned

Try this new spin.

What makes the Sky Castle’s Call Me Old Fashioned Different?

Sky Castle’s Call Me Old Fashioned has a few different twists on the classic you’re sure to like. First of all, they use plum preserves to get the sweetness instead of the classic muddling of cherries or oranges.  Second after everything is mixed, they shake the bourbon to make sure the jam really gets into the bourbon and fuses and breaks apart. Some people will tell you that shaking bourbon is a no no.

Make Your Own:

Old Fashioned

Here’s what they use:

  • Four Roses Bourbon: at least a nice 2 oz. pour
  • Plum Preserves: a spoon full
  • Bittermen’s Boston Bittahs: 3 or 4 drops
  • Ice with a cherry: and a stir

Old Fashioned


Break away from just the old bourbon and a splash of water and treat yourself to one of Sky Castle’s Call Me Old Fashioned.

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Learn More

For information on Sky Castle go to check out their website. You can also find them on Facebook here.