AZ Weekend Presents: The music of Half Full

Half Full performs a cover of "Hopelessly Devoted."

Tucson’s Half Full is the latest group to be featured on AZ Weekend Presents. The jazz group, complete with a string quartet, brings a classic, vintage sound to any stage they perform on. We had a chance to talk to the band’s guitarist Diego Urias after a performance at The Independent Distillery in Downtown Tucson. Check it out!

Q: You guys have a very unique sound. How did Half Full come to be?

A: The band Half Full came to be after hearing the album “Gumbo” by P.J Morton. The record has gorgeous string arrangements throughout it and sparked the idea of starting a group with a a string quartet. I didn’t know of any groups in Tucson that played a broad spectrum of music that had a string quartet so I jumped on the idea. We were luckily given the opportunity to open for Freddy Parish at Exo bar and got a really great response.

Q: How do you guys come up with the setlist for your shows? Do you guys take requests?

The idea behind our shows is to have the crowd extremely involved where they can write down their email, request a song and we will do an arrangement to there suggestion. We even email them letting them know that we will be performing it at Exo Bar the following month!

Q: The name, Half Full, does that have a special meaning or event behind it?

A: The group name came to be after i had an image in my head of somebody extremely heartbroken but still optimistic for a future love interest that will make everything better (ex: a half-full heart).

You can see the band perform at Exo Bar this Fall on Saturday, August 24th and Saturday, September 21st.

Follow the band on Instagram: @Halffull_music or book them by sending an email to: