Love Oreos? Get Your Bowls Ready for a Chocolaty Debut

Wipe off your milk mustache, a new cereal from Oreo is hitting a Wally-World near you.

And no, it’s not a box of snack-sized Oreo’s with missing tops and M.I.A creme-filling. Oh-no! There’s no dunking or assembly required.

Just get ready to bite into a spoonful of marshmallows and icing-covered, chocolate O’s.

The 90’s child’s cookie of choice is releasing a bowlful of chocolate covered nostalgia-o’s in the form of Mega Stuf Oreo O’s Cereal–that’s a mouthful.

The classic, creme-filled cookie will be making its exclusive debut at Walmart in two convenient sizes– sweet tooth (16.5 oz) and mega stuf sugar rush (28 oz).

Happy snacking!

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