Join the Arizona Cardinals in Tombstone for the NFL Draft

Join the Arizona Cardinals in Tombstone, AZ!

Next month’s NFL Draft is happening in Nashville, but the Arizona Cardinals will announce several of their draft picks from Tombstone, according to The Herald Review. They won’t announce their hotly debated first round pick in Tombstone, but day 3 of the draft the Cardinals will announce their picks from historic Allen Street in Tombstone.

The draft will be held April 25 through April 27. Live coverage will be provided by ESPN, ABC, NFL Network, ESPN2, and ESPN Deportes. Round one of the draft will occur April 25, followed by rounds two and three the next night, and then rounds four through seven throughout the day April 27 in the “Town Too Tough Too Die.”

It will be the first of seven picks the team will announce throughout the day from Tombstone, where the team plans to have kid-friendly games, visits with team alumni and cheerleaders, and a supersized screen for an expected crown of thousands. Allen Street will be shut down from Third to Fourth streets starting Friday to accommodate production crews and the crowd.

This isn’t the first time the Cardinals have gone on the road for the NFL Draft. The last two years the team announced their late-round picks in various locations in the city of Winslow in Navajo County. The crowd size last year surpassed 3,000, according to the Winslow Police Department.



The Tombstone Vigilantes shoot ’em up for good!