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Iron John’s Brewing Company

This Brewery releases a new beer every week!

Iron John’s is known for their small batches of artisan brews. Every time you walk in the door, you’ll be invited with new culinary inspired brews on tap and bottled. They roll out a new beer every week and that sometimes includes seasonal elements.

Their “Peachy Goat,” which includes locally supplied fruit, tea and goat-milk yogurt. A light wheat and pilsner base with a touch of smoked cherry wood malt and dried mango and apricot provide a subtle and light base for this wheat ale. The addition of black tea in the mash and the infusion of oolong tea in the dry hopping process allow for the delicate flavors of the tea to express themselves. The finish with fresh peach puree and lavender flowers bring the fruit and floral notes to the party.

They are located 245 S Plumer Ave #27

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