Humane Society of Southern Arizona Prepares for 2nd Annual March Muttness™

Humane Society of Southern Arizona (HSSA) is proud to announce that March Muttness™ is back for the 2nd year in a row! March Muttness™ is a virtual fundraising tournament in which 32 shelters across the country will compete with each other to raise the most funds to support homeless pets.

You can see if your favorite hometown animal shelters are participating by visiting

The tournament will start February 27th at 10am EST with the Warm Up round to determine where each organization will be placed in the bracket. From there, teams will compete to raise the most money so that they can advance to the next round.

But win or lose, every shelter can earn money to support their pets. That’s a lot of donations to animal shelters countrywide that need your support now more than ever!

HSSA CEO Steve Farley says, “This is a great opportunity to have some fun cheering for your favorite local shelter while raising needed funds for homeless pets across the country. Pop open a Pacifico and donate to help your favorite shelter navigate good-natured rivalries as they earn a berth in the Furry Four and save the lives of thousands of pets.”

For more information, and to start donating to your favorite animal shelters across the US, please visit