Hoofsnhorns Farm Animal Sanctuary

Dedicated to helping distressed animals

Every life experience was driving Shelby to this mission. Shelby Brawley, founder and CEO of HoofsnHorns Farm Sanctuary, is “committed to helping abused, abandoned orphaned or just worn out” animals of all sorts.

farm animal sanctuary

Most of these animals fall into the farm animal category:

    • goats,
    • cows,
    • chickens,
    • pigs,
    • horses,
    • mules,
    • ducks,
    • more goats.
    • macaws (really!)



HoofsnHorns Farm Sanctuary works with local agencies like the Pima County Animal Control, and the Sheriff’s Office, to pull animals out of dangerous living conditions. Some don’t last very long, but Shelby feels good knowing the animal was cared for in its last hours.

HoofsnHorns Farm Sanctuary needs donations and other agencies to pay for food and shelter. They participated in Arizona Gives Day in 2018, and were able to upgrade their fences to help contain the goats. In 2019, their goal is a barn to provide shelter from the harsh elements.

They also help people who can’t handle their animals anymore. And they need volunteers. Go to their website for more information.

Shelby is always looking to adopt the animals to a good home. But she’s particular, and wants to make sure it IS a good home before giving the animal away.

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