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We definitely got a Baaaa’d workout in at Goat Yoga of Tucson.  While they are closed, due to Covid-19, we were able to get a private workout in to see what it was all about. And boy, were we impressed!

Classes are arranged so that you can relax and enjoy the goats or you can really get a great workout in while being distracted by sweet goats.

Goat Yoga can help reduce anxiety, reduce pain and even reduce stress.  But most importantly, it is practiced to bring a smile, laughs and give people a break from everyday stresses in life.

Yoga classes are for all skill groups, from beginners to advanced Yogi. Sometimes the goats will jump on your back or be gently placed on your back for added pressure for stretches, strength building as well as the added benefit of a relaxing back massage by little goat hooves.

Owner Emily Haddon wants to help people who struggle with some of life’s most pressing issues including depression, anxiety, and physical ailments by providing them with the tools to move forward and live their best life. Emily’s passion is to start Haddonstone Farms,  which would provide people with the necessary support using animal therapy. This would include yoga classes, farm visits and workshops.For more info on the Haddonstone Farms fundraiser, you can go here.

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