Handcrafted bitters make Independent Distillery’s Moscow Mule one of the best

Take a look at Independent Distillery's unique, hand-crafted bitters.

The Moscow Mule has become a favorite bar patrons over the last decade. A simple blend of vodka, lime juice, ginger beer and ice in a copper mug creates a refreshing cocktail.

Now, the Independent Distillery in Downtown Tucson is taking it to the next level.

With a wide selection of handcrafted bitters, the Distillery is able to add new flavors to an old favorite. Next time you’re in the bar, try a drink with these unique blends!

  • Aromatic bitters Powerful and fragrant with a complex spice backbone. Baking spices abound.
  • Orange- Bitter sweet with the whole orange in one drop.
  • Lemongrass and vanilla- The taste of fruit loops and green tea with a vanilla finish.
  • Sweet lime- Lime skittles comes to mind. The bitterness comes from the lime rind in this but is so subtle.
  • Lime with Eucalyptus-Green tea with a lime overtone. Spice fills your tongue after the initial flavors fade.
  • Cranberry and orange- Tart citrus with light sweetness to round it out.
  • Falernum- A complex flavor bomb of toasted almond, toasted clove, ginger, and lime.
  • Chocolate, cinnamon and vanilla- Tootsie rolls. Straight forward and deliciously sweet.
  • Not Peyshauds- An homage to a classic. Plum and light anise.
  • Nog bitters The spices of egg nog in a few drops.
  • Habenero, ginger and orange- Heat with the bite of ginger and an orange backbone. Great with sweet drinks!
  • Dem apples- Apple pie. Apple, cinnamon and a hint of clove and nutmeg. Deliciously sweet.
  • Boker’s bitters A classic with a specific build. Orange turning into dryness and tart bitterness.
  • Celery and smoked jalapeno- Hot umami on the tongue. The heat fades as soon as it appears and you’re left with celery throughout your mouth.
  • Smoked habenero and lime- Smoke and heat fade to lime overtones.
  • White chocolate- A simple trio of orange coconut and vanilla. Simple yet elegant.
  • Chocolate and oregano- Chocolate forward with an oregano undertone. Subtle baking spice throughout.
  • Grapefruit- The essence of grapefruit with hops to enhance the citrus bomb of flavor.
  • Triple sec- Sweet orange simplicity.
  • Tucson Fernet- Mint and menthol abound. Frankincense and mure. Complex background of barks and roots. Our has CREOSOTE to finish it off and make it uniquely Tucson!

Which on will you try?

Try their smashes which are normally $12, but you can get them for ONLY $5, HERE

For more info, go to their website: https://www.theindependentdistillery.com

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