First guests for 2018 Tucson Comic Con announced

There will be three well known faces, at least to fans of comics at the 11th Annual Tucson Comic-Con happening November 2 – 4.

Denny O’Neil, Chiara Bautista and Dan Mendoza will be appearing at the event at the Tucson Convention Center.

“Right out of the gate we come out swinging,” said co-owner of Tucson Comic-con Brian Pulido, in a recent news release. “Not only do we have the comic book legend Dennis O’Neil, we also have local superstar and internet sensation Chiara Bautista, AND we have the cult comic book icon Dan Mendoza. Let me tell you folks, 2018 is going to be a year not to miss!”

Dennis O’Neil is an acclaimed comic book writer and editor with credits such as Green Lantern/Green Arrow, Batman, and Daredevil. He worked extensively at both Marvel Comics and DC Comics from the 1960s through the 1990s.

Chiara Bautista is an illustrator and graphic artist based out of Tucson, Arizona. By day, she is an illustrator for the Arizona Daily Star; but by night she goes by Milk, producing her own beautifully tragic illustrations.

Dan Mendoza is the current reigning king of the next generation of bad girl comics. Dan set out to make his own comic back in 2009 that contained all the things he loved in pop culture such as Anime, Grindhouse exploitation films, horror movies, and Tokyo shock cinema. He named the comic, “Zombie Tramp” and to much surprise, the book started to stir up lots of hype and soon became a cult hit.

Tucson Comic-Con is quickly becoming one of the most attended pop culture conventions in the Southwest. The popularity is due in part to guests like these three.

Wondering who else will be on the ‘guest list’?  Stay tuned for even more artist and celebrity guest announcements to come!

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