Don’t just takeout food, takeout these specialty drinks as well.

(Courtesy of Prep & Pastry’s Facebook Page)

While we can’t go to restaurants, we can still support our local eateries with takeout and delivery. While many have started offering beer and alcohol to go, some are offering their signature cocktails and even mix kits, so you can enjoy your favorite crafted cocktail at home. Here’s a list we’ve compiled of restaurant offering Signiture Craft Cocktails:

The Parish

6453 N. Oracle Road
Tucson, AZ 85704
520 797 1233

This Southern-fusion gastropub is offering their classic cocktails to go are served as a double in a classic mason jar for $16.  These include: Parishioner. Laverdad, Dutch Well Water, and Front Porch Tea. They must be accompanied by a food order.  In addition they are also offering their house-infused  Peach Bourbon, which includes  fresh lemon juice, peach bitters and local honey.

Prep and Pastry

At either of their two locations you can get any of their Mimosa Kits, which includes a bottle of champagne and a bottle of juice mixer. These include: The Cure (Blueberry & Lemon), Prickly Pear (Maya’s Prickly Pear Tea), Rose Lemon (Rose Petal Cordial & Citrus), and the classic Screwdriver (Fresh Squeezed Orange Juice) . You can also order their House Bloody Mary or just their Bloody Mary Mix, as well as a bottle of their Sangria.

El Charro Cafe, Charro Steak, Charro Vida 

At any of the Charro restaurants you can purchase their magaritas.You can choose from their signature recipes prickly pear, lima-limon and even their skinny margarita. Not gonna lie, these look like an Adult Capri Sun and there is nothing wrong with that!

(Courtesy of Charro Vida’s Facebook Page)

Elliot’s On Congress

135 E Congress St 
Tucson, Arizona 85701

520 622 5500

They are open every Friday with their Wings & Burger Cookout from 4pm to 8pm . They are selling their infused vodkas and have even bottled their signature shot, Mexican Candy.  This cocktail includes: Strawberry & Habanero Vodkas, Watermelon Liqueur, and Sour Mix

(Courtesy of Elliot’s Facebook Page)


This restaurant chain is offering 35% off all of their curbside orders, so why not wash down that burger with a tasty beverage? They are offering their signature Sangria and Vodka Lemonade.

(Courtesy of Zinburger’s Facebook Account)

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