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Degrazia’s “Gallery in the Sun” opening two new exhibits in September

Take a look inside the Gallery in the Sun!

DeGrazia’s “Gallery in the Sun” started as a small construction project and has turned into a world-famous tourist destination.

Once serving as a studio for the beloved artist, the building is now home to more than 15,000 pieces of art, including paintings, sculptures and jewelry.

This month, the gallery will be opening two new temporary exhibits “DeGrazia Paints The Jungle” and “DeGrazia Downtown” this Friday, September 6th. These works highlight Ted Degrazia’s travels to the jungles of Southern Mexico, as well as the bustling streets of New York City.

Classic works will also still be on display, including his most famous work, “Los Ninos.”

Growing up in the mining town of Morenci, AZ, DeGrazia worked constantly to earn a living creating art. That passion eventually led him to Tucson where he built a quiet life in the foothills and earned fame later in life, thanks to his features in Arizona Highways magazine and UNICEF greeting cards.

A true Renaissance man, DeGrazia experimented with all forms of artistic expression, from oils and watercolors, sketches to ceramics and bronze sculptures, though his main focus was oil painting.

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