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Crooked Tooth Brewing Co.

We recently took a tour of this downtown brewery that's known for their unusual beer recipes.

Crooked Tooth Brewing Co. is always challenging the norms of society and beer making. They are always trying something new and every time you go there, you are welcomed with new and inventive beer.  They have their Desert Sour Series, where they incorporate local ingredients such as prickly pears into their gose.

Every month, the women of Crooked Tooth brew their “Moon Brew,” during the full-moon cycle. They add spices, herbs and crystals you’ll need during the month. The “18-Hour IPA” is one of their beers you’ll always find. They use West Coast hops with East Coast yeast, which offers that dank, pine, citrus hops flavors and aroma with that soft, hazy, juicy mouthfeel and appearance.

They are located at 228 E. 6th Street.

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