Guests are stealing this Tucson restaurant’s hot sauce

Fini's Landing's homemade hot sauce is too good to resist.

Nothing spices up your food like the locally bottled Chubasco hot sauce, now being sold around Tucson!

Chubasco originated as the house hot sauce of local beach-style grill, Fini’s Landing. According to owner Scott Mencke, customers kept either requesting to purchase the sauce, or flat-out stole it. The restaurant responded quickly by acquiring a safe bottling facility license and began packaging the product for retail sales.

The Original product’s popularity demanded the addition of the Poblano and Habanero options later on.

The creators of Chubasco are aficionados of everything Baja and the name itself comes from the powerful squalls that race down the Sierras into the Sea of Cortez. You can order a bottle here. 

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