Can you name this boozy hot chocolate drink?

The Independent Distillery makes a decadent boozy hot chocolate drink that is perfect for the holidays

The Independent Distillery has an amazing rich and indulgent boozy hot chocolate cocktail that is perfect for these colder months. But it is missing one thing… a name. For now the drink goes by the name, “The Drink With No Name.”  Do you think you can come up with something better?  The Independent Distillery would love if you could stop by, try it and suggest a new name. Maybe yours will be the winning name.

Regardless, this cocktail features Genepy, which is a traditional herbal aperitif that contains wormwood, the same plant that makes absinthe, but is closer in taste to Chartreuse. It also contains Maraschino liqueur which is obtained from the distillation of the Marasca cherry. Below is the full recipe.

“The Drink With No Name” Recipe:

  • 1 coco packet
  • 6-7oz of water
  • .75oz Heirloom Genepy
  • .75oz Maraschino liqueur
  • Stir and top with whip cream
  • Garnish with mint sprig or peppermint stick.

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