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Brats For Beginners From Mt. Lemmon Ski Valley

The folks from Mt. Lemmon Ski Valley came by the studio today to teach us about Brats

The folks at Mt. Lemmon Ski Valley came by the studio to talk about their upcoming Octoberfest festival, which kicks off this weekend. But most importantly they wanted to talk about how to make the perfect bratwurst.

Here are their words of advice for making the perfect brats:

When picking a bratwurst for your meal, always look for a finely ground link.  If you see large chunks of meat and fat, that’s how you’ll taste it no matter how it’s cooked – so the smaller the chunks, the better mixed the bratwurst will be.

Port brats are preferred, but if you want beef, those are also good.  If you buy a raw brat, you’ll enjoy it more if you boil it for 4-5 minutes at a hard boil, not long enough to fully cook, but long enough to capture all the flavors inside. 

The secret is the beer – preferably a dark, dark beer!

Once the brats are partially cooked (boiled), you broil the brats in the oven in a pan with a good dark beer.  Once your oven is hot, place brats in your cooking pan, fill ¼ of the pan with a dark beer.  You can use a light beer if that’s all you have but the darker the beer, the fuller the flavor will be when done.  You’ll want to turn them after about 4 minutes (or when they are nice and brown), then remove after an additional 4 minutes.  Be sure to keep an eye on the brats so you don’t burn them.  I prefer them nice and dark – so I tend to leave them in a bit longer but you may prefer them a little lighter.  You can adjust the time according to your taste.

Then eat them in a bun with your favorite condiments or just cut them up and enjoy them after they have been cook in the beer!

The Mt. Lemmon Ski Valley Oktoberfest officially kicks off this weekend. Go HERE for more info.