Bacon-Wrapped Burritos and BBQ Now Offered At The Boxyard on 4th

We got to try some tasty treats last night at The Boxyard on Fourth Avenue and were not disappointed at all! The Fourth Avenue shipping container development opened in January with just their bar that features 15 beer taps as well as wine and spirits. The space houses 10 re-purposed shipping containers with 4 of those containers being available to restaurants.

Right now two restaurants are serving; Percheron Mexican Grill (formerly Whataburro) and BXQ(Bronx) BBQ. Both boast a delicious menu that feed the soul. It all depends on what you’re in the mood for: Bacon wrapped burritos or BBQ and Mac N’ Cheese? Or you can share among a group and get both, which is exactly what we did.

Percheron Grill which also has a location on 12th Ave,  features burritos wrapped in bacon. They used to known for years as Whataburro, but had to change their name. We tried their signature Sonora burrito, which include diezmillo steak, green chilli, avocado, cheese, and tomato. Did we mention it was wrapped in bacon?Their sauces and salsas add even more depth to the flavor.  They also offer Caramelos, Sonoran Hot-Dogs, and a Quesadilla Calzone with pepperoni and mushrooms.

Not to be outdone, BronxBBQ will easily satisfy those that are craving Catfish, BBQ, and Mac N’ Cheese. Smokeologist Mike brings the Boxyard a boat-load of flavor that is second-to-none. I would have tried the Catfish, but alas I am allergic, but it did look delicious. I had the brisket and the combination of brisket, bbq sauce, and coleslaw was the perfect bite.

The Mac N’ Cheese is cooked in separate tins to make sure you get that crispy crust on top shielding the cheesy-goodness below. You can event get it topped with pork.

Mike will be adding to the menu over time including strawberry cornbread and a burger. We can’t wait!

The space boasts a beautiful mural by Joe Pagic and will feature a live stage in the future.   An Asian-inspired restaurant will open in the next few weeks. The Boxyard is located at 238 N 4th Ave. and are open from 11 a.m. – 2 a.m. daily.