At AZ Weekend, we love local craft beer!
That's why we partnered with 11 Tucson breweries to create the AZ Weekend Craft Beer Club.
For only $50, you can get a flight of beer from each brewery.
Once you purchase the deal, you will receive your card within five days so you can start your tour.

1912 Brewing Co.

Established in 2015, this veteran-owned brewery has quickly become well-known for its sour beers. Their flagship beer is the award winning “Naughty Naranja,” a gose that contains 8 percent  alcohol, double the amount of most goses.

They have a variety of other beers crafted by head brewer and co-owner Allen Conger and they are given unique and often hilarious names, such as “Weiz The Hell Not,” (a Hefeweizen) “Here’s To Looking Up Your Old Address,”(Double IPA) and “Random Voices From A Secret Raccoon” (New England IPA). The latter was named by his son. They go out of their way to make their tap room family friendly.

They are located at 2045 N. Forbes Blvd, Suite 105 Tucson, AZ 85745

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Black Rock Brewers

Blackrock Brewers is the only brewery located on the east side of Tucson. Playing pinball or throwing darts is the perfect way to enjoy one of their pints. They are known for their award winning IPAs “Baja Sol” and “Admiration IPA.”

They also have a variety of light cream ales infused with peach, raspberry, blueberry or other seasonal fruits. Try the “Dog House Stout,” which owner Tony Williams named because it’s the beer that gets him out of trouble with his wife. It’s not too sweet, smooth and has a touch of chocolate.

They are located at 1664 S Research Loop, Suite #200.

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Button Brew House

Button’s flagship beer is the “Chiltepín Red Ale,” a unique twist on a red ale, which is brewed with spicy Sonoran chiltepíns and fresh lime peel. Co-owner Todd Button spent months crafting a beer that while spicy, you can have more than one of them.

Every Sunday,  you can try their homemade michelada sauce with the “Chiltepin Red,” or if you want it more traditional, try it with their “Volstead Pilsner.” Be sure to also try their “All Souls Stout” and “Button IPA,” their version of a West Coast IPA that contains five varieties of American hops.

 They are located at 6800 North Camino Martin, Ste. 160.

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Catalina Brewing Company

Catalina Brewing Company’s motto is “We Bike … We Brew.” They embrace the cycling culture and love beer. They even have designed their “E-Beer Electrolyte Recovery Ale” for bikers, where they infuse electrolytes in beer. They are the only brewery in the country to do this.

They are known for their “Mesquite Agave,” which uses dry mesquite pods in their beer, that gives it a unique sweetness. Their “0200 IPA” is the beer that started it all, giving owner Brian and Hank the inspiration to open the brewery… of course at 2 a.m. Hank was a teacher and they have created many beers in honor of teachers such as “Hop For Teacher,” “Teachers Aid” and “#redfored.”

They are located at 6918 N. Camino Martin, #120

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Crooked Tooth Brewing Co.

Crooked Tooth Brewing Co. is always challenging the norms of society and beer making. They are always trying something new and every time you go there, you are welcomed with new and inventive beer.  They have their Desert Sour Series, where they incorporate local ingredients such as prickly pears into their gose.

Every month, the women of Crooked Tooth brew their “Moon Brew,” during the full-moon cycle. They add spices, herbs and crystals you’ll need during the month. The “18-Hour IPA” is one of their beers you’ll always find. They use West Coast hops with East Coast yeast, which offers that dank, pine, citrus hops flavors and aroma with that soft, hazy, juicy mouthfeel and appearance.

They are located at 228 E. 6th Street.

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Dillinger Brewing Company

While most breweries are located in business districts, Dillinger stands out as one of the hardest to find, located at the end of a long dark alley. Their taproom even feels like a speakeasy, emblazoned with mural of legendary John Dillinger wearing sunglasses. They are known for their “Roadrunner Red Ale,” the official beer of the Tucson Roadrunners, as well as the “Senorwheata” and the “Serrano Seduction.”

They have recently have focused their efforts on barrel-aged beer and gose. Their “Gose Rosa” is a traditional gose infused with fresh blackberries, hibiscus, sea salt and Mexican coriander. They have even started infusing their “Senorwheata” with your choice of apricot, raspberry or strawberry.

They are located at 3895 N. Oracle Road.

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Green Feet Brewing

Since 2015, this veteran-owned business has provided unique and energizing beers to the public. Such as their “Coffee Smash,” a surprisingly light ale infused with Black Rifle Coffee.

They are located at 3669 E 44th St.

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Harbottle Brewing

Harbottle’s approach to beer is to revive classical styles that aren’t well known. Their “Kentucky Sunglasses” is a Kentucky Common, which is a sour interpretation of a pre-prohibition style beer.

Their “Two Hands Cucumber Saison” is a refreshing beer, perfect for the summer and really gives your taste buds a blast of cucumber. “Nigel Tufnel” is their ode to a traditional English bitter, featuring English malts, yeast and hops.

Harbottle is located at 3820 S Palo Verde #102.

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Iron John's Brewing Company

Iron John’s is known for their small batches of artisan brews. Every time you walk in the door, you’ll be invited with new culinary inspired brews on tap and bottled. They roll out a new beer every week and that sometimes includes seasonal elements.

Their “Peachy Goat,” which includes locally supplied fruit, tea and goat-milk yogurt. A light wheat and pilsner base with a touch of smoked cherry wood malt and dried mango and apricot provide a subtle and light base for this wheat ale. The addition of black tea in the mash and the infusion of oolong tea in the dry hopping process allow for the delicate flavors of the tea to express themselves. The finish with fresh peach puree and lavender flowers bring the fruit and floral notes to the party.

They are located 245 S Plumer Ave #27

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Sentinel Peak Brewing Company

This Brew pub featuring their delicious beers and BBQ was started by 3 firefighters.  Head brewer Jeremy Hilderbrand, decided to brew beer after being  inspired by a warren of basement bars in Wurzburg, Germany, where he was stationed. He became obsessed with finding Dunkel,when he was back in the U.S. When he couldn’t find it, he brewed it  and the result is the “Dewpoint Dunkel,” which won a gold medal from the 2012 Music City Brew Off in Nashville, Tennessee. Hints of roasted chocolate satisfy dark beer lovers and win over those who prefer lighter styles. Try it once and you may be lured to the dark side for good.

Their most popular beer is the “Salida del Sol Amber,” which is a Mexican-style Vienna. In the mid 19th century, German brewers immigrating to Mexico brought along with them their time-honored recipes and techniques. By incorporating local ingredients, the traditional European flavors were transformed into something entirely new and wonderful. Salida del Sol follows in this grand tradition of smooth, spicy beers.

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Thunder Canyon Brewstillery

Thunder Canyon is Tucson’s only Brewstillery. Not only do they make delicious and unique beers, but they recently started distilling two types of rum. They have also updated their food menu that features their house made Black Bean Hummus, Calamari with toasted peanuts, blood orange marmalade, watercress, topped with a roasted shallot soy vinaigrette and their Pastrami Reuben .

At Thunder Canyon, you’ll get to enjoy their flagship “Deep Canyon Amber,” as well as their new favorite, “Sky Island IPA.”  They attempted to combined both coasts to create a Sonoran Desert IPA. It has the citrus blast of the a West Coast style IPA, the haze of a Northeast style IPA, and the radiance of the Sonoran sunrise.  They’ve also released “Good Berry,” which is their German style gose.

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