Arizona Theatre Company’s Cabaret offers a fresh take on this timeless musical

Cabaret Opens Friday, December 6th.

Packed with memorable songs from “Willkommen,” “Perfectly Marvelous,” “I Don’t Care Much,” and, of course, “Cabaret,” Cabaret is a story that remains remarkably timely, particularly in today’s political environment.  Directed by veteran actress Sara Bruner, Cabaret, opens this Friday at the Temple of Music & Art. It will run from Dec.6th -Dec. 29  before heading up to the Herberger Theater Center in Phoenix.

Cabaret, which first opened on Broadway in 1966 and ran for 1,165 performances, follows American author Cliff Bradshaw (Brandon Espinoza) and his encounter with cabaret performer Sally Bowles (Madison Micucci) and the seedy world of the Kit Kat Klub, presided over by the enigmatic Emcee (Sean Patrick Doyle).

When Sally is fired by the club’s owner, also her jealous boyfriend, she moves in with Cliff and the two fall in love. As the Nazis begin taking control of the German government, the atmosphere of the Kit Kat Klub and the lives of Cliff and Sally begin to change dramatically. For all the exuberant song and dance, the most powerful aspect of Cabaret remains the political wallop that it delivers.

The horror gains momentum around them, as too many characters stay locked in denial or self-interest. At its core, Cabaret is a devastating critique of apathy, and a clever and terrifying look at totalitarianism. Cabaret’s powerful story remains remarkably timely nearly 80 years after Isherwood’s original stories were published, which is why the piece continues to resonate with audiences more than 50 years after it debuted.

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