A ‘Keurig machine for tortillas’ exists and we need it ASAP!

Perfect tortillas!

Keurig machines have revolutionized the way consumers make coffee at home. Now, it’s the tortillas’ time to shine thanks to Flatev.

Carlos Ruiz, an entrepreneur in Mexico, invented Flatev, which is essentially a Keurig machine that uses the famous pods to create tortillas!

The consumer simply selects a “dough pod”, inserts it into the machine, presses the “Corn” or “Flour” button and BOOM….you have hot tortillas within 90 seconds. You can even tell the machine how crispy you want your tortillas.

While the project is still raising money through kickstarter, the company plans to release a variety of dough flavors such as cinnamon, garlic, red chili, cilantro,flour, and corn.

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