Tucson Comic-Con returns after years of cancellations due to pandemic

TUCSON, Ariz. (KOLD News 13) - Tucson Comic-Con is back at the Tucson Convention Center after being canceled for the last couple of years because of the pandemic.

This is the event’s 13th year in Tucson. Organizers said they’re excited to be back and hope the event is a success.

“Make sure to engage with the convention staff. Play a game, go to a panel, it’s not just shopping for a Knick-Knack or comic,” said convention manager Sarah Murphy. “It’s about talking to the artists and getting to know them. It’s an intimate experience that you don’t get at other places.”

Organizers said there’s going to be a lot of security, making sure no real weapons enter the convention center.

Murphy said because a lot of costumes are so realistic, props can sometimes look like real weapons. Everyone has to get them “peace bonded” before they’re allowed inside. Once props are “peace bonded,” a visible tag has to be on all props to be let in.

If your prop is not deemed safe, it will get taken away at the door.

There’s a clear bag policy and every bag must be checked.

Prop guns can’t be metal and must have a red or orange cap at the end of the barrel

Organizers said no one has ever brought a real weapon to the Comic-Con in Tucson, but they are doing everything they can to keep this event safe and enjoyable for everyone.

“This is an event for everyone,” Murphy said. “We want it to be safe.

Tucson Comic-Con kicked off at 3 p.m. Friday and runs through Sunday. Tickets are $15 Friday, $25 Saturday and $15 again on Sunday.

There will be celebrity guests, comic book creators, artists, vendors, games and much more.

Tickets have to be purchased at the door.

Carsyn Currier

Carsyn Currier

Carsyn Currier joined KOLD News 13 as a morning reporter in August of 2021.