Monsoon storms bring out pesky critters

TUCSON, Ariz. (KOLD News 13) - Monsoon brings on many challenges like heavy rain and flooding. But it also brings out pesky critters.

This year has been more wet than normal, which means those bugs are more prevalent in our area.

Truly Nolen said unwanted guests could be inside your home and if you are not careful, they could take it over.

“Termites will build tubes to reach up inside the house so if you start seeing tubes there is termite activity,” said Truly Nolen Tech David Peavy.

Monsoon brings the termites out.

“It is their breeding season with moisture in the air and the termites come out. They do their thing and start digging for a new home,” he said.

Peavy said the are two different kinds of houses in Arizona, ones with termites and ones that will get them.

“Make sure they are not leaving standing water and move any wood piles. Anything that might be attractive to the termites,” he said.

Along with overgrown bushes.

“You need to look out for overgrown plants like this. Provides coverage for pests to hide in. Especially as it grows towards the home. They can end up in your home,” he said.

When in doubt, Peavy said call in the experts.

Truly Nolen said prevention is key and if your house is infected with termites, it can cost you thousands of dollars.

Allie Potter

Allie Potter

Allie Potter joined KOLD News 13 in August 2021.