Phoenix Zoo animals staying cool despite heat, sunny conditions

PHOENIX (3TV/CBS 5) — Phoenix zoo keepers are working hard to help their animals keep cool in this latest wave of record-setting heat.

“A lot of them [animals] will get an ice treat,” said zoo keeper Ryan Tang, while standing next to an elephant named Indu. “We’ll make popsicles for them here at the Phoenix Zoo. Throughout the day, we give Indu a shower.” Tang says Indu is around 57 years old, an age he says is considered “kind of an old lady for an elephant, even.”

Another feature for the animals to beat the heat is in-exhibit shade locations. Keepers tend to keep a closer eye on animals during this time of year, given how high temperatures can climb.

If you’re planning to visit the Phoenix Zoo anytime soon, Tang has advice: “Dress cool. Wear hats, wear sunscreen,” he said. “We got splash pads here, too! If you want to get wet, wear something you can get wet in!”