Goldfish releases bigger, spicier ‘Mega Bites’ crackers made for adults

(CNN) - Pepperidge Farm said it is hoping to boost the appeal of its Goldfish crackers among adults with a new product called Goldfish Mega Bites.

As the name implies, they’re 50% bigger than the regular snack crackers.

Pepperidge Farm also said it hopes adults dig its spicier flavors, including sharp cheddar and cheddar jalapeño.

The association between Goldfish crackers and kids is relatively new. When they launched in 1962, Goldfish were marketed as a bar snack to pair with cocktails. Pepperidge Farm said adults never really stopped eating the crackers, and almost half its customers don’t have kids in the house.

Nostalgic comfort foods like Goldfish saw renewed popularity during the pandemic as more people stayed home.

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