18 Reasons Your Elf Didn’t Move

We love The Elf on the Shelf. Every day during the Christmas season, he or she watches over our households, making sure the kids are behaving. Then at night, the elf zips off to the North Pole to report back to Santa. The elf usually hides in a new place the next morning, and we love watching our kids find the new location. But sometimes, that silly Elf just seems to forget to move from one place to the next. Here are 18 reasons your elf didn’t move, just in case you need to explain it to your kiddos.

  1. He didn’t move? Are you sure? It looks like he moved to me.
  2. Hmmm… maybe he’s up to something sneaky and trying to trick you.
  3. It’s Saturday, maybe she has to take a break for the weekend!
  4. Are you sure that’s the same elf? He looks different to me – maybe ours is still at the North Pole!
  5. OH NO!!! One of the lights from the Christmas tree must have transformed into a freeze ray! Poor little elf. We need to let her take some time to rest.
  6. She felt bad for you and didn’t want to tell Santa what happened yesterday
  7. He must be exhausted from keeping up with you!
  8. He did move! But only just a hair to try and trick you.
  9. Maybe the dog or cat kept moving around last night so he couldn’t move.
  10. Maybe he ate too much junk last night and couldn’t move! That’s one more reason you shouldn’t eat a bunch of junk food. (Dual parenting win there.)
  11. I think she’s waiting to go to the North Pole until you do something really, really good to report.
  12. He’s teleworking – talking to Santa on Facetime. See? There’s the iPad.
  13. I bet he’s saving his energy to surprise you with something really special tomorrow.
  14. She may be stuck – but don’t touch her! She will lose her magic. Let’s see what happens tonight.
  15. Maybe you didn’t go to sleep early enough last night? Let’s try getting to sleep earlier tonight!
  16. Silly Elf! He must have forgotten he was there yesterday.
  17. It was way too windy last night and he would have gotten lost if he had tried to fly!
  18. You must have woken up too early- try going back to bed and see what happens.