You can see movies where they were filmed with Loft Cinema’s “Shot at Old Tucson Series”

Old Tucson Studios and the Loft Cinema have partnered for their “Shot at Tombstone Series,” which starts April 6th with the screening of the 1959 film, “Rio Bravo.” There will be two more screenings this year with “Young Guns II” on May 4th, and “The Quick and the Dead” on June 15th.   All screenings are only $5 for the general public and $4 for Loft Members and Wagon Wheel Pass Holders.

All films will be shown on The Loft Cinema’s giant inflatable screen near the adobe ruins used in the film “Rio Bravo.”  Delicious food and drinks will be available for sale, including a full bar, theater snacks and Big Jake’s BBQ sandwiches.

On Sunday April 14th there will be FREE a screening of “Arizona!” the first film shot at Old Tucson, but that screening is part of their  weekend-long 80th Anniversary Celebration.

Here is more info on each movie:

Rio Bravo –  7pm – April 6th

Filmed on location at legendary Old Tucson Studios, the thrilling 1959 Western Rio Bravo stands tall as one of the all-time greats of the genre. John Wayne stars as John T. Chance, a sheriff who enlists the help of the town drunk, Dude (Dean Martin), in arresting an ill-intentioned gunslinger. But when the outlaw’s brother and his gang make clear their plans to spring him from jail, Chance and Dude look to over-the-hill Stumpy (Walter Brennan) and brash young cowboy Colorado Ryan (Ricky Nelson) to assist them in fending off the bad guys until proper reinforcements can arrive. Along for the ride is the tender but tough saloon gal Feathers (Angie Dickinson), a woman with past – and her eye on Chance. Directed for maximum entertainment value by Oscar-nominated filmmaker Howard Hawks, Rio Bravo is an iconic action masterpiece that has influenced generations of directors, including John Carpenter, James Cameron and Quentin Tarantino.  Get tickets here.

Young Guns II  – 7PM – May 4th

Filmed on location at legendary Old Tucson Studios, this action-packed sequel to the original 1988 Young Guns takes the legend of Billy the Kid to new heights of western excitement! En route to Mexico from the United States, Billy the Kid (Emilio Estevez) and his associates are pursued by federal agents hell-bent on bringing them to justice. But when Billy, Doc (Kiefer Sutherland) and Chavez (Lou Diamond Phillips) prove too difficult to track down, the frustrated authorities enlist an old friend of theirs, reformed outlaw Pat Garrett (William Petersen), to take down the elusive gunslinger. But Billy has a head start, and his crew of outlaws is growing by the minute. Also starring Christian Slater and Viggo Mortensen, Young Guns II is driven by the rocking theme song, “Blaze of Glory” by Jon Bon Jovi (who also appears in the film). Get tickets here.

The Quick and The Dead – 7:30PM – June 15

Director Sam Raimi (The Evil Dead; Spiderman) brings his trademark comic book-influenced sensibilities to this wild and witty spaghetti western homage featuring an all-star cast. Sharon Stone is Ellen, a mysterious, Eastwood-esque gunslinger who arrives in the lawless town of Redemption to settle a score that has haunted her since she was a child. As she seeks her revenge, she becomes swept up in a deadly quick-draw gun tournament, masterminded by Redemption’s evil, corrupt mayor, Herod (Gene Hackman), a criminal who has taken over the town. The tournament has drawn a motley crew of colorful gunfighters from around the country, all itching to take home the bloody prize money, and as Ellen blasts her way through the competition, she crosses paths with a fast-talking braggart known as “The Kid” (Leonardo DiCaprio), and the pacifist Reverend Court (Russell Crowe), the fastest draw in the West who refuses to participate in the bloodshed. As Ellen uncovers the town’s dirty secrets and closes in on her prey, a crazed final showdown draws ever closer, and if she’s not quick, she may end up dead! A violent, darkly funny, highly entertaining love letter to Leone flicks, The Quick and the Dead is a pulp western comic book come to life. Get tickets here.

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