What’s it take to tame a wild horse?

Mustang training changes both man and beast

Honesty. That’s what Jeff Cook of DreamHorse AZ says it takes to tame a wild horse. The horses don’t lie, and they’ll know if you do. That’s also how Jeff has become one of the top trainers of feral mustangs in the USA.  He works with the Mustang Heritage Foundation (MHF) to make these wild horses adoptable. If left on their own, the herds will get so large, they could starve to death. The federal Bureau of Land Management rounds up a small amount, and the MHF works to make the horses ready for adoption.

Mustangs make the movies

“The Mustang” is based on a prison program that uses wild horses to rehabilitate violent criminals. Jeff knows the man that started the first of these programs, and says it’s true. Breaking mustangs is a life altering experience.


One way the MHF raises money is through competitions like Mustang Magic and Extreme Mustang Makeover. At the end of the competitions, the horses are auctioned off, and the foundation splits the proceeds with the trainers. Jeff took Red Hot Romance, one of the horses in the video, to Mustang Magic in Fort Worth, TX. He had a great performance, and Red Hot Romance was auctioned off to a new forever home. Another great success for DreamHorse AZ.

Jeff has been working with horses all his life, and owns DreamHorse AZ near Tucson.