“Wastelander” Tucson Premiere This Saturday

Local filmmaker's movie has Tucson premiere at The Screening Room

Local Filmmaker and KOLD photojournalist Angelo Lopes poured 8 years of blood, sweat. and love into the movie, “Wastelander,” which was shot here locally on a shoe-string budget.  It took him and his small crew 3 years to shoot the film and over a year of visual effects.  Angelo  even made the props  and some of the costumes himself. You can currently rent it Youtube and Google play To celebrate the release of this movie, The Screening Room is holding a screening with the cast and crew at 8pm on Saturday night, June 30th.

Here is the synopsis of ” Wastelander”: 

“In a post-apocalyptic landscape, an ex-soldier wanders in search of his lost home and family. He meets an odd collection of survivors including cybernetic humans who convince him to lead them through the wasteland while searching for the legendary safe haven of Eden. But when a band of pillaging raiders called The Scourge hunt them – they must fight to survive in this cruel dystopia.” 

For more information on the screening: https://www.facebook.com/events/1660863887295195/

For more info on the movie: https://www.facebook.com/wastelander2018/

Here are some behind the scenes photos: