Tucson’s First Rage Room

The Breaking Point Opens This Weekend

Wanna smash something? Tucson’s first and only rage room, The Breaking Point, is now open for business.

Customers to the Breaking Point can schedule time inside a room filled with smashable items like televisions, kitchen appliances, bottles, and anything else you can think of to destroy.

The experience comes with the ability use several tools to smash items like baseball bats, golf clubs, and tire irons. Customers can even hook up to bluetooth speakers inside one of the two “rage rooms” and smash to a soundtrack.

“It is something we have been seeing gain popularity across the country and decided it was time for Tucson to have it’s own,” says co-owner Ian Franulovich. “It is a great stress reliever, and something I believe this town has been waiting for.”

Many of the items destroyed at the business will come from landfills while local bars and restaurants are donating glass bottles.

“We are going to recycle as much as possible,” says Franulovich. “We really think we can make a positive impact.”

Prices start at $10. Be sure to book ahead!!!