Remembering Mac Miller

Rapper Mac Miller was found dead on Friday of an apparent overdose in his San Fernando Valley, CA, home, Variety reported. He was 26. Miller struggled with drug abuse. In an interview this summer, Miller said that was all behind him. But rumors persist. “If a bunch of people think I am a huge drug addict, OK. Cool. What can I really do? Go talk to all those people and be like ‘Naw man, it’s really not that simple?’” he told Rolling Stone. “Have I done drugs? Yeah. But am I a drug addict? No.”

Miller was known for his throwback style of rap, influenced by the sounds of Lauryn Hill, OutKast and the Beastie Boys.His 2011 debut album, “Blue Side Park,” topped the charts. We’ve compiled a list of his best songs:


Self Care

Best Day Ever

Nikes On My Feet

Kool Aid & Frozen Pizza

Senior Skip Day

The Way

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