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A part of Tucson history: El Paso & Southwestern Railroad downtown

Submitted by Bill Morrow

The abandoned rails were once part of the El Paso and Southwestern Railroad line through downtown Tucson, and had even been owned by Phelps Dodge Corporation.

It served passengers from the train station at 419 West Congress Street.  The line was acquired by Southern Pacific in 1924.

The station sat idle for years, then became Carlos Murphy’s restaurant and later Garcia’s, and is now listed in the National Register of Historic Places.

The tracks can still be seen east of I-10 in downtown Tucson, west of the State parking garage and north of Congress Street.

Along the side of Tucson Fire Central, is part of the line in downtown.

For years, when the circus arrived in town, they would park the circus train on a section of the old EP & SW tracks between 22nd St and Congress, from which they would walk the elephants to the Community Center.